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Business Law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 10

Business Law - Assignment Example USA), the Supreme Court really ruled against the Pasquantinos, contending that they have been blameworthy in disregarding Federal Wire Fraud laws. For this situation, I don’t feel that the Pasquantinos and the Hilts would not have the option to prevail in their lawful contention, given that the idea of the law was against pirating, the very wrongdoing that the Pasquantinos and the Hilts submitted. In the interim, with respect to the third case (USA v. Dotterweich); I imagine that he should even now be considered criminally liable for damaging the Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act. Despite the fact that it might be contended that he may have not taken an interest straightforwardly in transportation misbranded medications, this reality doesn't expel his duty to guarantee that his business is really conforming to all measures and guidelines that are being implemented by the state. For this situation, given that it is as yet his organization, such inability to consent to guidelines is completely inside his

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Justin Hanson Essays - Fiction, Dungeons Dragons, Fantasy, Dragon

Justin Hanson Period 2 Mrs. Fouhs 1/12/16 David On an island north of England there is a town. This town holds a gathering of individuals that don't know about advances that have advanced all through time. They are still in houses worked by them and homestead there food have no power or anything like that. What's more, in the town there is a kid who is called David. He lives in a house not any greater than the rest but rather off the beaten path in its own little zone of the island. His folks both treat him with no regard and are harsh. At whatever point his folks would blow up he would flee into his small concealing spot in a precipice close to the sea. At the point when he would go in this precipice he would plunk down and cry wishing he had another person for guardians or that he had a companion to assist him with managing the agony and enduring he is persevering. In this passage it dives deep yet David has not gone right in on the grounds that when he comes here he had no interest and no push to do anything besides cry. One day he was heading off to his home and saw his folks battling in the house so as opposed to going in he went straight into the cavern and plunked down. Rather than crying he suspected he would wander further into the cavern believing that it may hold something that can get him out of this agonizing circumstance. The cavern went further and more profound until he was in the focal point of the island, however underneath everything. As he went in it got hotter and hotter as though there was a goliath fire somewhere inside. At the point when he was strolling and perspiring from the beating heat he saw a piece of the passage that lead into an open space multiple times his homes size however underground. In the room was something unforeseen yet satisfying simultaneously. There in the middle resting was a Dragon with sharp hooks and a profound maroon shading to it, its wings acting like a cover over the whole thing. In spite of the fact that it was a Dragon David despite everything needed to see all the more so he circumvented the Dragon looking it over from head to toe respecting the animal. Before long David got frightened and was beginning to leave yet he stumbled over a stone and arrived on the Dragons head. That woke up the Dragon and it stayed there taking a gander at him with its profound du ll eyes that indicated only idea. Following a second or two the mythical serpent began extending its wings and moving its legs strolling around yet ever as yet watching David solidified by dread. The mythical beast as opposed to eating him talked, and said I definitely know what your identity is and why you are here the inquiry is how might I help you. David astounded that the monster talked he despite everything remained there seeing him astonished and befuddled in view of the Dragon. Following a couple of moments David recovered his brains and said what do you mean, how might I help you? after all he is just human and this is a brilliant mythical beast that can inhale fire and fly. The mythical serpent answered I realize you are in a predicament and I can't get that so I need you to ask me what you need since I can't mention to you what you need or I would as of now be doing it. Well the kid said I could utilize some assistance leaving and not living with my folks and I would be in your obligation. The Dragon considering the offer remained there and in the long run concurred with the proposition. Also, said bounce on I can remove you from this spot now that would have been decent however how would you ride a winged serpent? So I went ready and got its horns and bounced up onto its back planning to not slide off holding his horns with my life actually. The mythical serpent went to the opposite side of the passage and was going further in until we came out on the opposite side of the island. The

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Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Survey - Essay Example The article specifies that in the time of 1999, 38% of the young people in the United States went through their cash in places of worship. The article expresses that youthful grown-ups have lower pay assets and monetary steadiness when contrasted with grown-ups of the general public and still, in 2004, the analysts found that 3 out of each 10 youthful grown-ups gave cash to holy places when contrasted with 6 out of 10 grown-ups. Along these lines, we see that the pace of contributor youthful grown-ups is practically 50% of the more seasoned grown-ups, which is excellent for the period of youthful grown-ups. The article further notices that the legislature of the United States hopes to extend almost $15 trillion as a â€Å"intergenerational move of wealth† between years 2006 and 2021. This is a lot of cash that is moved among the friends of an age, and the age being talked about here is the youthful grown-ups. This implies, youthful grown-ups of the general public are mindful e nough to think how to spare additional bucks and spend them in good cause with the goal that some needy individual is assisted of his agonies. This is really the real love for humankind which is the genuine pith of magnanimity. The article likewise recommends that youthful grown-ups will in general give increasingly volunteer time when contrasted with more seasoned grown-ups, in the event that they have next to no to give to noble cause.

Planning of Tourism and Systems Samples †

Question: Talk about the Planning of Tourism and Systems. Answer: The arranging of the travel industry is the execution of the systems and the arrangements at a neighborhood level, which helps in offsetting the relationship with the arranging of the travel industry that is occurring at a national level (Sinclair-Maragh Gursoy, 2016). The procedure of the travel industry arranging is that where the examples of administrative exercises are influenced through the top-down procedure of the executives, as the bosses are responsible for settling on the choices with respect to the way toward arranging. The subordinates then again need to complete the procedure of usage with the goal that the ideal outcome can be accomplished. The unsure course of action of the foundation inside the way toward arranging encourages the exercises to be completed in a superior procedure with the goal that the plans can be actualized in an effective way. The idea of the courses of action will help in hindering or encouraging the procedure of exercises, which is subject to the idea of the arrangement (Marzuki Hay, 2013). The relative preferred position will help the partners in improving perspective on the capacities and the ideas that are available in a specific area of a nation with the goal that the expense of assembling the merchandise and the administrations can be less when contrasted with different nations. To place it in a less difficult manner, the products and the administrations that will be created inside the nation must be at a less expensive rate when it is contrasted and the expense of assembling of very similar things in various nations. Various specialists are of the assessment that the nation will build up its economy if the expense of assembling the merchandise and the administrations are done at a less expensive rate when contrasted with different districts. This will be gainful and bring about a positive way for the improvement of a particular area. David Ricardo was the main individual who had instituted the term relative preferred position, which helped in connoting the differe nt procedures that would help in the age of the different items at a lower cost than the various nations (Kompullla, 2014). This hypothesis is available in financial aspects that helps in creating incomes from the business, which is available in a specific nation. The accessibility of the characteristic assets alongside the procedures of innovation will help in recognizing the specific business from the remainder of the nations. The hypothesis that is available in financial aspects has no correlation with the creation and other money related expenses yet lays accentuation on the open door cost (Stylidis et al., 2014). As for the contextual analysis, it very well may be seen that the Clipper Bay zone has maintained its emphasis on an economy that is single, which is the marine life alongside the investigation of the way of life and the beautiful magnificence that the spot offers. The administration needs to support up the economy by taking in to thought the travel industry viewpoint that will help in producing income for the specific spot. The development that would occur in the travel industry segment will help in changing the way of life and the nature of the individuals who are dwelling in the Clipper Bay territory. The qualities that are accessible in the territory must be distinguished by the partners with the goal that it very well may be promoted for building up the zone. This methodology will help in the development of monetary conditions that is available alongside the lift in the travel industry segment (Bunakov et al., 2015). Reasonable improvement of the travel industry will occur if an arrangement is built up that will be adaptable in nature. This procedure of advancement may not be constrained to a positive procedure however may attempt to discover choices in the middle of so the procedure of improvement doesn't get harmed. The procedure needs to modify itself that are set down with the guidelines and guidelines from the perspective of legislative issues and society (Weaver, 2014). The zone will be beneficial if the methodology of feasible advancement can be picked, as it will help in assessing the effects that may happen on nature, people and their way of life. One of the significant variables will be instruction, which will help in showing signs of improvement comprehension of the negative and the positive effects that may happen with reasonable the travel industry. The appropriation and the expense of this kind of the travel industry will help in dispose of the imposing business model force that mig ht be available in the spot (Bodosca Streimkiene, 2015). The advancement of the nearby ventures will happen, as the financial specialists will see that it is advanced among the neighborhood inhabitants by dispersing exceptional plans of impetuses for the endurance of craftsmanship. This in a manner will help in drawing in the visitors, as the impact of the nearby enterprises will be immediate, which will help in the coordination among the ventures and the travelers. The degree of work inside the network will ascend, as the vast majority of the inhabitants will attempt to move from their day by day jobs to different types of occupation that may develop with the ascent of the travel industry in the region. The inflow of outside cash will be high, which will rate in a higher pace of trade for the zone. This will help in building up the economy of the spot, which will offer ascent to a high buy and spending limit among the nearby residents (Ellis Sheridan, 2014). The creators Poudel, Nyaupane and Budruk (2016) had expressed that the improvement of the transportation, correspondence and foundation will help the inhabitants in managing their day by day needs. The nearby government must be included so it can help in uniting the financial specialists for the improvement of the spot with their speculations. This will bring about pooling all the assets from the partners with the goal that the procedure of dynamic should be possible in an easier way. There must be balance between the interests of the partners so choices can b e made in a joint way without offering ascend to any errors. The insurance of the normal assets that are accessible in the Clipper Bay region will occur with the joint choices that will be taken by the partners. Thinking in an appropriate manner and dealing with the assets in a legitimate way will help in giving the most ideal courses through which the terrains can be utilized alongside different techniques that will guarantee the insurance of the earth. The partners have a significant influence in setting up the travel industry division around the Clipper Bay zone. The financial specialists will incorporate the providers of different items, the administration that is dynamic, private speculators and the neighborhood residents of the spot. The improvement of the economy in a specific locale must be finished by the partners. As per various looks into that are directed, it is seen that the dynamic interest of the partners is significant for the improvement of the travel industry in a specific locale. The element of achievement relies upon connecting with the nearby residents so the travel industry of the spot can be created, as better input can be gathered from the sightseers on a customary way when they travel to these regions (Ruhanen, 2013). The matter of the partners will be significant for the travel industry factor, as it will help in building up the region. The neighborhood vacationers need to know the territory in a superior manner with the goal that they can too visit the zone. This will give them a chance to give appropriate audit about the spot that will be created in another manner. This will clear an approach to pull in the remote vacationers also in the zone. The interest and gracefully of the infrastructural offices alongside the HR must be kept up by the partners with the goal that it can help in making a positive effect on the visitors (Mowforth Munt, 2015). The procedures that are identified with supportable the travel industry must be taken up by the partners so the instrument of basic intrigue can be created and worked together inside the territory. The main consideration that may cause an issue is the associations and the assets, which must be settled with the goal that travel industry can be created in a supportable way (Ruhanen, 2013). The financial favorable circumstances that the spot may get are that it will offer ascent to work, as the residents may move from the standard angling business. The people in the future that are available in the region may differentiate their work and may work as visit manages or may serve in the various eateries that might be worked to take into account the requirements of the voyagers. This will help in boosting up of the business, for example, give work chances to the ladies also, for example, weaving. This can help in improving the economy of the spot (Webster Ivanov, 2014). The ability to spend by local people will increment, as there will be a tremendous income because of the expansion in visitors. The lives of the nearby individuals will change in a superior manner, as they will have the option to comprehend the important prerequisites in their day by day lives. The inhabitants will have a more extensive viewpoint with the methods of changing their clothing types, human services offices and their dietary patterns. The ascent in the remote cash will help in expanding the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the territory. It will likewise fill in as a multiplier that will help in boosting up of the economy, as the outside monetary forms will be moved back in to the framework for the further advancement of the spot (Murphy, 2013). The economy will be enhanced inside the territory, as the occupants will have different alternatives separated from the angling exercises. The broadening of the business exercises will go about as hero during the occasions when the ocean won't be accessible for angling exercises, as the individuals will search for options. The Clipper Bay zone can't endure dependent on angling, as the lives of the neighborhood individuals might be in danger when they are out in the waters. Thusly, the enhancement of business will help in guaranteeing their endurance (Webster Ivanov, 2014). The burdens regarding economy are that the neighborhood networks that are accessible in the region may feel that their private lives are being intrud

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Research Paper Helps Online - 5 Tips For Getting a Great Help With Your Research Paper

Research Paper Helps Online - 5 Tips For Getting a Great Help With Your Research PaperIf you are a student, you may want to get hold of some help with your research paper from online resources. Here are some ways to help you and help yourself.First, get in touch with your academic support service and make sure that they have a position open. When it comes to your research paper, the services will provide you with a lot of advice. They will be able to suggest you a well-established course outline.Secondly, get hold of a good research paper help online resource. Such an online resource will provide you with a lot of information regarding research papers. You can read online about the structure and format for your research paper. You can also find some help when it comes to the best method of study that you should follow.Thirdly, get hold of a great help with your research paper online resource. You can find useful tips and strategies for your research paper.Fourthly, seek professional assistance if you have a research paper to finish. There are some online tools that offer help with research papers, which you can access by logging on to their website.Fifthly, seek help with your online research paper from online resources. They will help you get the right study material and information for your research paper.It is important that you get hold of help with your research paper from a competent online research help tool. The online tools are able to help you with all your work at home homework assignments and paper related problems.

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Tata Corus Case - Free Essay Example

Abstract: |On January 31, 2007, Tata Steel Limited (Tata Steel), one of the |[pic][pic][pic] | |leading steel producers in India, acquired the Anglo Dutch steel | | |producer Corus Group Plc (Corus) for US$ 12. 11 billion (â‚ ¬ 8. 5 | | |billion). The process of acquisition concluded only after nine | | |rounds of bidding against the other bidder for Corus the Brazil | | |based Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN). | | | | | |This acquisition was the biggest overseas acquisition by an Indian| | |company. Tata Steel emerged as the fifth largest steel producer in| | |the world after the acquisition. The acquisition gave Tata Steel | | |access to Corus strong distribution network in Europe. | | Corus expertise in making the grades of steel used in automobiles and in aerospace could be used to boost Tata Steels supplies to the Indian automobile market. Corus in turn was expected to benefit from Tata Steels expertise in low cost manufacturing of steel. However, some financial experts claimed that the price paid by Tata Steel (608 pence per share of Corus) for the acquisition was too high. Corus had been facing tough times and had reported a substantial decline in profit after tax in the year 2006. Analysts asked whether the deal would really bring any substantial benefits to Tata Steel. Moreover, since the acquisition was done through an all cash deal, analysts said that the acquisition would be a financial burden for Tata Steel. Issues:  » Gain an in-depth knowledge about various corporate valuation techniques. Critically examine the rationale behind the acquisition of Corus by Tata Steel.  » Understand the advantages and disadvantages of cross-border acquisitions.  » Understand the need for growth through acquisitions in foreign countries.  » Study the regulations governing mergers acquisitions in the case of a cross-border acquisition.  » Get insights into the consolidation trends in the Indian and global steel industries. Contents: |   |Page No. |Introduction |1 | |Background Note |2 | |Tata Steel Vs CSN: The Bidding War |4 | |Financing the Acquisition |5 | |The Integration Efforts |7 | |The Synergies |8 | |The Pitfalls |9 | |The Road Ahead |10 | |Exhibits | | The financials for this deal [require] high performance levels, perfect post-deal execution and sustained high steel prices. It is a risky game and will be okay for Tata as long as the economy is growing and no major bumps occur. If [these bumps] do occur, they can become a challenge, and I am reminded of the high leverage days of the mid-1980s. 1 Vivek Gupta, Managing Director, AT Kearney (India), in February 2007. Indian steel companies are on a consolidation mode. The Tata-Corus deal has set many records. So far, the only $1 billion-plus deal was done by ONGC, and its the first milestone for India Inc, with the Tata deal crossing $10 billion mark. Its a landmark deal since an Indian company has taken over an international company three times its size. 2 S. Mukherji, Managing Director, ICICI Securities, in February 2007. Introduction |On January 31, 2007, India based Tata Steel Limited (Tata Steel) |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | |acquired the Anglo Dutch steel company, Corus Group Plc (Corus) | | |for US$ 13. 0 billion3. The merged entity, Tata-Corus, employed | | |84,000 people across 45 countries in the world. It had the | | |capacity to produce 27 million tons of steel per annum, making it | | |the fifth largest steel producer in the world as of early 2007 | | |(Refer Exhibit I for the top ten players in the steel industry | | |after the merger). Commenting on the acquisition, Ratan Tata, | | |Chairman, Tata Sons, said, Together, we are a well balanced | | |company, strategically well placed to compete at the leading edge | | |of a rapidly changing global steel industry. 4 | | Tata Steel outbid the Brazilian steelmaker Companhia Siderurgica Nacionals (CSN) final offer of 603 pence per share by offering 608 pence per sh are to acquire Corus. |[pic][pic][pic] |Tata Steel had first offered to pay 455 pence per share of Corus, | | |to close the deal at US$ 7. 6 billion on October 17, 2006. CSN then| | |offered 475 pence per share of Corus on November 17, 2006. | | | | | |Finally, an auction5 was initiated on January 31, 2007, and after | | |nine rounds of bidding, Steel could finally clinch the deal with | | |its final bid 608 pence per share, almost 34% higher than the | | |first bid of 455 pence per share of Corus. | | | | |Many analysts and industry experts felt that the acquisition deal | | |was rather expensive for Tata Steel and this move would overvalue | | |the steel industry world over. | Tata Steels Acquisition of Corus Next Page [pic] Top of Form |[pic] |[pic]Enter your search terms [pic]Submit search form [pic] | |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | Bottom of Form [pic] [pic] | | | |[pic] | |Marketing Financial Products |Case Studies in Finance Vol III | |Tex tbooks Collection |[pic] | | |[pic] | | |Case Study Volumes Collection | 1] Did Tata Steel Overheat in its Zeal to Win Corus? [emailprotected], February 08, 2007. ] Tata Win Booster for Corporate Indias Confidence, The Economic Times, February 01, 2007. 3] As on January 31, 2007, 1 US Dollar = 44. 18 INR and 1 Pound = 86. 73 INR. 4] Tata Steel Completes Acquisition of European Steelmaker Corus, International Herald Tribune, April 03, 2007. 5] Since Tata Steel and CSN could not declare their final offer by January 31, 2007, an auction had to be initiated by The Takeover Panel which oversees mergers and acquisitions in the UK. Introduction Contd |Commenting on the deal, Sajjan Jindal, Managing Director, Jindal |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | |South West Steel said, The price paid is expensive ll steel | | |companies may get re-rated now but its a good deal for the | | |industry. 6 Despite the worries of the deal being expensive for | | |Tata Steel, industry experts were optimistic that the deal would | | |enhance Indias position in the global steel industry with the | | |worlds largest7 and fifth largest steel producers having roots in| | |the country. Stressing on the synergies that could arise from this| | |acquisition, Phanish Puram, Professor of Strategic and | | |International Management, London Business School said, The | | |Tata-Corus deal is different because it links low-cost Indian | | |production and raw materials and growth markets to high-margin | | |markets and high technology in the West. | | The cost advantage of operating from India can be leveraged in Western markets, and differentiation based on better technology from Corus can work in the Asian markets. 8 |[pic][pic][pic] |Background Note | | |Tata Steel | | | | | |Tata Steel is a part of the Tata Group, one of the largest | | |diversified business conglomerates in India. Tata Group companies | | |generated revenues of Rs. 967,229 million in the financial year | | |2005-06. | | | | |The groups market capitalization was US$ 63 billion as of July | | |2007 (only 28 of the 96 Tata Group companies were publicly | | |listed). In 1907, Jamshedji Tata established Tata Steel at Sakchi | | |in West Bengal. The site had a good supply of iron ore and | | |water | Excerpts Tata Steel Vs CSN: The Bidding War There was a heavy speculation surrounding Tata Steels proposed takeover of Corus ever since Ratan Tata had met Leng in Dubai, in July 2006. On October 17, 2006, Tata Steel made an offer of 455 pence a share in cash valuing the acquisition deal at US$ 7. 6 billion. Corus responded positively to the offer on October 20, 2006. Agreeing to the takeover, Leng said, This combination with Tata, |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | |for Corus shareholders and employees alike, represents the right | | |partner at the right time at the right price and on the right | | |terms. In the first week of November 2006, there were reports in | | |media that Tata was joining hands with Corus to acquire the | | |Brazilian steel giant CSN which was itself keen on acquiring | | |Corus. On November 17, 2006, CSN formally entered the foray for | | |acquiring Corus with a bid of 475 pence per share. In the light of| | |CSNs offer, Corus announced that it would defer its extraordinary| | |meeting of shareholders to December 20, 2006 from December 04, | | |2006, in order to allow counter offers from Tata Steel and CSN | | Financing the Acquisition By the first week of April 2007, the final draft of the financing structure of the acquisition was worked out and was presented to the Corus Pension Trusties and the Works Council by the senior management of Tata Steel. The enterprise value of Corus including debt and other costs was estimated at US$ 13. 7 billion (Refer Table I for fund raising mix for the Corus acquisition) [pic][pic][pic] |The Integration Efforts | | |Industry experts felt that Tata Steel should adopt a light handed| | |integrationapproach, which meant that Ratan Tata should bring in | | |some changes in Corus but not attempt a complete overhaul of | | |Corussystems (Refer Exhibit XI and Exhibit XII for projected | | |financials of Tata-Corus). N Venkiteswaran, Professor, Indian | | |Institute of Management, Ahmedabad said, â€Å"If the target company is| | |managed well, there is no need for a heavy-handed integration. It | | |makes sense for the Tatas to allow the existing management to | | |continue as before | The Synergies |Most experts were of the opinion that the acquisition did make |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | |strategic sense for Tata Steel. After successfully acquiring | |Corus, Tata Steel became the fifth largest producer of steel in | | |the world, up from fifty-sixth position. | | | | | |There were many likely synergies between Tata Steel, the | | |lowest-cost producer of steel in the world, and Corus, a large | | |player with a significant presence in value-added steel segment | | |and a strong distribution network in Europe. Among the benefits to| | |Tata Steel was the fact that it would be able to supply | | |semi-finished steel to Corus for finishing at its plants, which | | |were located closer to the high-value markets | | The Pitfalls Though the potential benefits of the Corus deal were widely appreciated, some analysts had doubts about the outcome and effects on Tata Steels performance. They pointed out that Corus EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) at 8 percent was much lower than that of Tata Steel which was at 30 percent in the financial year 2006-07 [pic][pic][pic] |The Road Ahead | | |Before the acquisition, the major market for Tata Steel was India. | | |The Indian market accounted for sixty nine percent of the | | |companys total sales. | | | | | |Almost half of Corus production of steel was sold in Europe | | |(excluding UK). The UK consumed twenty nine percent of its | | |production. | | | | | |After the acquisition, the European market (in cluding UK) would | | |consume 59 percent of the merged entitys total production (Refer | | |Table III for the spread of Tata-Corus markets before and after | | |the acquisition) |Tata Steels Acquisition of Corus |  |Top of Form | |Case Details | |++ Font | Font | |Case Intro 1 | |Bottom of Form | |Case Intro 2 | | | |Excerpts | | | | | |ICMR HOME | Case Studies Collection | | | | | | | |Case Details: | | | | | | | |Case Code : FINC049 | | | |Case Length : 27 Pages | | | |Period : 2006-2007 | | | |Pub. Date : 2008 | | | |Teaching Note : Available | | | |Organization : Tata Steel Limited, Corus Group Plc | | | |Industry : Iron Steel | | | |Countries : India, Netherlands | | | | | | | |To download Tata Steels Acquisition of Corus case study | | | |(Case Code: FINC049) click on the button below, and select | | | |the case from the list of available cases: | | | | | | | |[pic] | | | | | | | |Price: | | | | | | | |For delivery in electronic format: Rs. 00; | | | |For delivery thro ugh courier (within India): Rs. 400 + Rs. | | | |25 for Shipping Handling Charges | | | | | | | |[pic] | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |[pic] | | | |Gadgets powered by Google | | | | | | | | » Finance Case Studies | | | | » Short Case Studies | | | | » View Detailed Pricing Info | | | | » How To Order This Case | | | | » Business Case Studies | | | | » Case Studies by Area | | | | » Case Studies by Industry | | | | » Case Studies by Company | | | | | | | |[pic] | | | |Top of Form | | | |[pic] | | | |[pic][pic][pic] | | | | | | | |[pic]Web | | | |[pic]icmrindia. rg | | | | | | | |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | | | | | | | |Bottom of Form | | | |[pic][pic] | | | |[pic] | | | |Please note: | | | | | | | |This case study was compiled from published sources, and is| | | |intended to be used as a basis for class discussion. It is | | | |not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective | | | |handling of a management situation. Nor is it a p rimary | | | |information source. | |[pic][pic][pic] | | | |

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Use of Symbolism in The Catcher in the Rye and The...

Use Of Symbolism In The Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby There are many writers like James Joyce, Patrick Kananach and Thomas Moore who use symbolism to convey and support indirect meaning in their writings. J.D. Salinger and F. Scott Fitzgerald both use symbolism in similar ways. In both The Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby, the authors used symbolism to convey emotions and reality. In The Catcher In The Rye, J.D. Salinger uses Holdens red hunting cap, the exhibits at the Museum of Natural History and kings in the back row as symbols whose meanings help tell the story. Holdens red hunting hat stands for Holdens disapproval of adult society and phonies. Although, Holden and his hat are out of place in New†¦show more content†¦Fitzgerald also uses colors for symbolism. The color white is used many times in the story. The author uses white to describe Gatsbys clothes and his mansion. The color white represents Gatsbys innocence and pure heart. The color yellow is also used throughout the story as a symbol of corruption and death. The car that Gatsby drives was yellow and his yellow car killed Myrtle. The flower that Daisy is named after is white on the outside and yellow in the middle. Daisy seems innocent on the outside, but her real character is as corrupt and greedy as Toms. Throughout The Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby, symbolism is used to paint mental pictures for the reader. The symbols used allow the reader to foresee the characters emotions, beliefs and values. Ultimately, the authors uses of symbols make both novels more interesting andShow MoreRelated Use Of Symbolism In The Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby804 Words   |  4 PagesUse Of Symbolism In â€Å"The Catcher In The Rye† and â€Å"The Great Gatsby† There are many writers like James Joyce, Patrick Kananach and Thomas Moore who use symbolism to convey and support indirect meaning in their writings. J.D. Salinger and F. Scott Fitzgerald both use symbolism in similar ways. In both â€Å"The Catcher In The Rye† and â€Å"The Great Gatsby†, the authors used symbolism to convey emotions and reality.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In â€Å"The Catcher In The Rye†, J.D. Salinger uses Holden’s red hunting cap, the exhibitsRead MoreLiterary Features in The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye1158 Words   |  5 Pages Symbolism is used in different ways in both the novels, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and I have explored the ways in which two different authors have used this literary feature to enhance meaning behind their novels. Fitzgerald uses colour imagery throughout ‘The Great Gatsby’, especially using the colour white which cleverly changes meaning as the story progresses. When the reader is first introduced to both Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker, they are first described as beingRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald3044 Words   |  13 Pagesof personal happiness and material comfort. The central theme of both ‘The Great Gatsby’, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and ‘The Catcher in the Rye’, by J.D Salinger, is American lifestyle and mind-set during a time of prosperity. Both texts suggest that changes to American culture causes disappointment as many spent their life searching for the false sense of perfection that the American dream offered. In ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ Holden Caulfield, a boy with extremely high standards finds society and AmericanRead More Mythology and Archetypes in Harper Lees To Kill a Mockingbird2536 Words   |  11 Pagesall the various approaches to criticism, the Mythological/Archetypal achieves the greatest impact over the entire literary scope, because the themes and patterns unearthed apply universally to all works, yielding results that can be applied to a great many texts. This is because the very nature of the Mythological/Archetypal approach is the exploration of the canon for widespread and pe rvading symbols, plots, and characters. These are all greatly extant in Harper Lees classic novel To Kill aRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book A New Hope 2190 Words   |  9 Pagesdirectly from the recent Suicide Squad movie, that features a team of rag-tag criminals brought together by the United States government to defeat a greater evil. These villains are kept in control by threat of bombs implanted in their heads, and the plot uses a teammate known as Slipknot to show the other characters, and the audience, the stakes of disobeying orders by detonating said bomb when he attempts escape. This character was never given a background as all of the other characters on the team hadRead MoreMedia Magic Making Class Invisible2198 Words   |  9 Pagesdetermines what social class you are in; you can see how it affects lives. Mantsios is convincing in that, he has hard facts, (meaning that his examples are real true, and taken from a scholarly source), true lifestyles and data to show the reader. He uses secondary sources which are legitimate and the reader can choose to research it for themselves. Mantsios back himself up by using more than one source to prove his theory about test scores and what class you are in. Whether you choose to believe himRead MoreBrief Survey of American Literature3339 Words   |  14 PagesBrief Survey of American Literature 1. Beginnings to 1700 Great mixing of peoples from the whole Atlantic basin Bloody conflicts between Native Americans (or American Indians) and European explorers and settlers who had both religious and territorial aspirations - Native American oral literature / oral tradition - European explorers’ letters, diaries, reports, etc., such as Christopher Columbus’s letters about his voyage to the â€Å"New world†. - Anglo (New England) settlers’ books, sermons